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The study of sustainability bridges the arts and humanities, social sciences, and the physical and life sciences. It complements traditional disciplines by. Sustainability studies majors learn how to protect, preserve and make the smartest possible use of the planet's natural resources. Students in this major pull. It is rooted in decisions we make about the quality of life we want for ourselves, our community and future generations. As a sustainability studies major, you.

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Why Sustainability Studies? Sustainability is central to nearly every professional field, from developing clean energy to protecting our natural resources. Climate and sustainability studies. Study Sustainability. As a student, there are several ways in which to engage in sustainability science. Sustainability Studies. Bachelor of Science. School of Sciences, Sustainability, and Health. In this major, students address the essential question of.

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Environmental & Sustainability Studies. Internships. Student Research. Events. Advising. Careers. Degrees. Events. view all events. News & Announcements. A Sustainability Studies major prepares students for global citizenship with a firm grounding in the natural sciences, the social sciences. The Environmental and Sustainability Studies major examines the changes within our world and how to preserve it for current and future generations.