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Admiralty law (or maritime law) is the body of law that governs navigation and shipping. It includes substantive and procedural law. The International Maritime Group (IMG) is a boutique law firm that provides tailored legal services to businesses, financial institutions, and governments. Our LLM in International Maritime Law will give you an in-depth understanding of the law concerning contracts for the carriage of goods, marine insurance.

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finance; arrest of ships; international trade and shipping documents; carriage of goods, passengers and their luggage by sea; maritime labor law; law of. Maritime laws are a category of laws and treaties that focus on the maritime businesses and nautical issues. These encompass a wide variety of items on the. Federal maritime law combines modern legislation, centuries-old doctrines, international treaties, private contracts, and more into a single set of.

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Under international law, Australia has rights and responsibilities in relation to its adjacent waters, which are divided into maritime zones. A number of international conventions in the field of commercial maritime law, including the Rotterdam Rules, were negotiated and adopted or substantively. The body of private law governing navigation and shipping in each country is known as admiralty or maritime law. Under admiralty, a ship's flag (or registry).