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profits Endowment Plan Policy Provisions (July )" and these If you need further help or advice on your investment and life insurance needs you. An endowment policy is a life insurance contract designed to pay a lump sum after a specific term (on its 'maturity') or on death. This page has the complete list of Standard Life contact numbers and messaging options for all of our products and services. Find the support you need here.

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Terminal bonus is available for all with profit policies in force for the full sum assured, except Anticipated Endowment policies. It is payable only on. Plans Ceased for Sale · Achiever Endowment Assurance · Achiever Life · Achiever Life Assurance II · Achiever Life Assurance II (Single Premium) · Achiever Life. It is a participating/ with-profits endowment plan. It provides annual simple reversionary bonuses, which are vested once declared. Read More» · image.

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This plan is a simple endowment plan with guaranteed returns · Sum assured + accrued Bonus paid on Maturity or on earlier Death. · The lumpsum amount of money. POLICIES. (Super Retirement Fund). Our Whole of Life (WOL) policies provide you with a form of permanent life insurance. Endowment policies provide you a. Endowment Assurance Plan With Profits · Anticipated Endowment Assurance Plan - 3 Stage With Profits · Anticipated Endowment Assurance Plan - 5 Stage With Profits.