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SwellGel® Blue Albumin Removal Discs are designed to aid serum component studies by rapidly removing excess albumin from serum samples. Albumin-X, Albumin (multiple species) removal kit (sufficient to remove mg albumin or process ~ ul serum; 10 mini-columns ~ ul resin). Albumin Removal Kit. Technology Dr. • Fishers, IN • • Fax [email protected] •

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Columns are prepacked with high performance Sepharose based resin with an affinity for human serum albumin (HSA) and IgG. High depletion capacity, removes > 95%. Carrier Proteins (Anti-BSA, GST, KLH, Protein A & G etc) Antigen/Antibody Detection/removal Kits ; BSA detection (bovine serum albumin), , Bovine Albumin . The Albumin depletion kit facilitate depletion of albumin from human sera or plasma. Serum sample complexity is significantly reduced by utilizing the kit.

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Albumin Removal Kit. Technology Dr. • Fishers, IN • • Fax [email protected] • For albumin/IgG depletion, we provide kits with high capacity columns specifically designed for efficient removal of > 80% of albumin from body fluid. Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) Depletion Column (IgY Kit) (GWB-BSAIGY) | Application: Plasma or serum protein separation, immunoprecipitation.