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Whether your bath tub is fiberglass or cast iron, at some point it will start Fiberglass Bathtub Refinishing and Reglazing Tile Repair and Reglazing. Keimprove Porcelain Repair Kit Fiberglass Tub Repair Kit For Shower White Tubs Tub And Tile Refinishing Kit Joint Or Installation Adhesive Ceramic Repair. Transform Your Tub or Shower by Refinishing - Free Quote - Get The Tub You've Always Wanted Without The Headaches of a Standard Remodel. A Smart Investment.

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When you replace your fiberglass shower or bathtub costs thousands of dollars, with the average being somewhere around $ This expense can make it difficult. Fortunately, you can refinish your fiberglass tub or shower surround to restore them to like-new condition without the cost and hassle of getting a new tub. We provide tile refinishing, bathroom refinishing, fiberglass repair, tile repairs, fiberglass reglaze, fiberglass tub repair, resurfacing services.

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Mess-Free Tub Renovations · Remove any old finish/color to get down to the bare fiberglass. · Repair any cracks or holes in your tub floors or walls. · Apply a new. We refinish Fiberglass Bathtubs, Fiberglass Bathtub and Wall Combo Units, and Fiberglass Showers to make them look new again. Fiberglass bathtub refinishing and repair is used extensively in order to restore showers, bathtubs and shower/tub units. Fiberglass can unfortunately.