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ACR is an android library to simplify crash detection while your app is under development, crash will be automatically detect by the library then app tester/. With the Android bug report feature directly in the developer settings on your device, you can create bug reports at any time, which will include all log. Sentry supports more than 85K organizations and over M developers. Sentry. Crashlytics. iOS and Android crash reporting.

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As of , most teams choose one of the many crash reporting solutions, such as Crashlytics or Bugsnag, for native apps. Bugsnag is an error monitoring and. Crash reporting is one of the features of the new Firebase that were announced Next, is to add the Firebase crash Android library to your app module's. When ProGuard/R8 is used, crash reports are likely to have obfuscated parts classpath '' // Add Bugsee plugin as a.

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Fabric - Crashlytics, Capture crashes using Sherlock, Crash Reporting with ACRA, Force a Test Crash With Fabric. Add Bugsnag to your Android apps to automatically monitor errors and report crashes. Detect unhandled exceptions with Bugsnag. With our device connected via USB before the crash, Android Studio's Logcat feature will display information about our app and the crash. To switch to Logcat.