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Columbaria definition: a vault having niches for funeral urns | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Lawrence Martyr parishioners and their immediate family. A Columbarium is an arrangement of niches, either in a mausoleum, a room or wall into which an urn or. Columbaria & Cremation Terraces. Even though burying your loved ones ashes (cremains) is possible in any area of our cemetery, many families.

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English dictionary definition of COLUMBARIUM along with additional meanings, example sentences, and different nounplural noun columbaria/-ˈbe(ə)rēə/. YOU HAVE A CHOICE BETWEEN INDOOR OR OUTDOOR PLACEMENT of cremated remains in our various Columbaria. The Columbaria at Forest Hills Cemetery provide elegant. A columbarium is a structure containing vaults lined with recesses or niches for cinerary urns. providence-columbarium-building.

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Columbarium Photos, Examples of Columbaria, Designs, Ideas urban garden Oakland Cemetery, Church Columbarium Photos and Ideas | The Columbarium Source. Timeless Columbaria is a turnkey manufacturer and supplier of high value columbaria, designed and built in the USA. At the time, there were few columbaria – and none in his hometown of Crookston Today, the Eickhof Columbarium Niche System is at the heart of beautiful.