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Sipuleucel-T is the first immunotherapy or vaccine therapy approved by the FDA for advanced prostate cancer treatment. In certain men with advanced prostate. Prostate Cancer Treatment. Treatment options for prostate cancer include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and hormone therapy. State-of-the-Art Prostate Cancer Treatment Close to Home · Cryotherapy. Also known as cryosurgery, this treatment freezes the cancer cells before they have a.

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Focal therapy involves the use of groundbreaking new prostate MRI technology as a guidance tool to pinpoint the cancer. Once we've localized the cancer, we. A combination of several treatments, including surgery, radiation therapy or hormone therapy, may be used to treat prostate cancer. How is prostate cancer treated? · Observation or Active Surveillance for Prostate Cancer · Surgery for Prostate Cancer · Radiation Therapy for Prostate Cancer.

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Today, 99% of men with prostate cancer will live for at least 5 years after diagnosis. Many men having treatment are cured. Most prostate cancer is slow-growing. Surgery is the standard option for most prostate cancer patients, particularly in the early stages when cancer has not spread beyond the glands. Usually, our. Such treatments include surgery and radiation therapy. For early-stage prostate cancer, local treatments may get rid of the cancer completely. If the cancer has.