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Weight loss surgery costs between $15, and $25,, depending on the procedure you choose. The average cost of gastric bypass surgery is around $23, Situation #1: No Health Insurance Coverage (cash pay) · $3, surgeon fees · $ anesthesia · $5, hospital fees. Weight loss surgery can cost anywhere from $15, to $25, if you don't have insurance. With private health cover, you can often cut this down by about two-.

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Yes. For those who must private-pay or self-pay, the cost of bariatric surgery can be as low as $12, If you think the surgery could. Average Cost of Revision Bariatric Surgery The primary bariatric weight loss procedure may usually sit around in the range of $20, to $30, A minor. The prices depend on the experience of the doctor and the location. A two-hour gastric bypass surgery in Las Vegas, United States costs $15, The cost of.

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The cost of bariatric weight loss surgery is typically about $25, In general gastric bypass surgery procedures are more expensive, costing in the range of. For individuals who do not have insurance or whose insurance does not cover weight loss surgery, we offer special pricing. Self-pay patients who qualify for. Gastric bypass surgery typically costs between $18, and $35,, depending on the surgeon and geographic region. It usually costs toward the higher end.